Unique Spawns

Unique spawn data is now available. Green for alive / red for dead.

iSRO Server Merge

  • Aquarius, Lyra -> Athena
  • Aries, Reticulum -> Artemis
  • Bootes, Serpens -> Chronos
  • Centaurus, Pavo -> Dionysus
  • Cetus, Norma -> Hades
  • Corvus, Mensa, Taurus -> Hermes
  • Delphinus, Hydrus -> Nemesis
  • Eridanus, Lepus -> Oceanus
  • Fornas, Gemini -> Selene
  • Orion, Vela -> Themis
All previous stats have been erased.

Needs More JPEG

- Higher quality PNG images have been added for the item/skill icons

Top 100 Unique Kills

- Top 100 unique kills has been added to the unique page


- Varnish cache has been added to speed up page loads

Unique Kill Count

- Total unique kills will be listed on the player page now instead of a list of recent kills


- Added indexes to MongoDB to solve most of the slow page loads (guild list page)


- Javascript and CSS files are now being loaded from a CDN

Global Message Updates

- Added linebreaking to very long global messages
- Added the ability to sort globals by all, buying, selling, and trading